Moving In Two Weeks!

photo 1(9)I am moving to Santa Fe in two weeks!  How did this happen so fast?  This is the time to clean out, close down and not replenish. Eat food that has been in the freezer for a year. Yuch!  Now I know why it has been in the freezer for a year.  No new jar of peanut butter or laundry detergent.  Last paper recycling day. Last trip to the cleaner. Last doctor appointments and visits with family and friends.  Boxes are piled high in the garage.  There are no more “maybe” piles…it either goes with me or stays for the tag sale.  Team A possessions move on, Team B goes to someone else for more practice. Judgment day has arrived. Everyday I wake up and decide to take less. Seeing the house emptier, I like the simplistic feeling of open space in my home.

Yesterday it hit me. I am in a floating wonderland, leaving here and not there yet. I was feeling anxious.  Could I accept getting what I worked so hard for?  Could I go from the energy of making it happen to letting it happen?  Everything that I tried to do yesterday made me more anxious. So I left the house and, in the middle of a sunny summer afternoon, I went to the movies. I needed to break the tension.  With popcorn and ginger tea, I watched an upbeat movie about three Swedish preteens starting a punk band.  It was delightful and natural. I left the theater smiling and ready to resume packing.

I am in the flow of this crystallizing vision.  Let me participate by creating a positive and trusting flow.





10 Responses to “Moving In Two Weeks!”

  1. Marva Soogrim

    Ellie, Life awaits you into the great wide open and as you head out give thanks, pat yourself on the back jump in the saddle and ride em cowgirl. And as you journey on just Be.

  2. Nancy Bernstein

    Venus in Gemini 🙂 Great moving time. Of course we would pick this time for our moves. I love that you saw that movie 🙂

  3. Barbara Hinz

    Ellie, yesterday I was thinking of you and your move. I was thinking of how you just recently built your gallery to display your life in. While some could look at that as a waste of time and money to create that space, it was a needed part of the journey. Having your life displayed before you, with all its emotions and feelings and being able to just sit and be with it, is such a beautiful experience. Life was no longer hidden in the basement but honored. Now it was easier for you to let go of the past with joy and love and move forward into the new adventures in love, joy and creation ahead.
    I wish you a life of MORE! It’s waiting for you! Blessings and Love to you! I’m looking forward to reading about the next chapter!

  4. Laurence Bouchard

    Ellie, I am so proud of you for being able to let go and jumping with so much grace in your next chapter. You are such an inspiration to all of us!
    Much love,

  5. Donna Cooperman

    Such nice and surprising news. Wishing you all good things and happiness on your exciting life change. Enjoy!!! Love Donna


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