More Moving Thoughts

photo 2(5)Being in Santa Fe is not the only valuable part of this.  For me it is the quality of experiences along the way.  I don’t expect moving to erase what I need to work on.  There is no delete tab there.  Those things have to be addressed here and now.  But, how I proceed from the vision to the completion is important to me.  Have I treated relationships honestly and kindly as I seek closure, including my feelings about my art?  Have I taken pause and made clear to my friends their continued importance in my life?  Have I been gentle with myself for not having it all figured out or getting it all done?  (That’s a tough one!)  Have I dared to dream the outrageous and seemingly unattainable?  Yes!

I see this as one of many opportunities to make a change.  When I get there, I’ll have more, as we all do everyday.  I believe that seeing things in linear time limits us.  Appreciating, instead, the expansion of energy generated from our thoughts is where the quality of life is.  Consciously choosing positive, encouraging thoughts expands and negative, repressive thoughts constrict energy.  I laugh more now than ever. Everything seems to crack me up.

Scientists have measured the universe and have determined that it is expanding.  Finally, we have scientific proof!  Having a dream and believing that it can be a reality is good for everyone.  The positive energy inspires others.  My new life offers so many ways to have fun.  Maybe I’ll take Spanish lessons, cooking classes, learn about indigenous herbs or Native American prayer dances.  Maybe I’ll be of service to the community in an unknown way.




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  1. Debbie Fellman

    No maybe(s) here! You have already inspired us ALL with your courage and grace!
    Wishing you all the best as you begin this new chapter of your life.
    Can’t wait to hear about it!

    Sending Love ….Always!


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