The World Cup According to Ellie

photo 3(1)Not being a sports enthusiast, I surprised myself when I wanted to watch a game during the last World Cup.  All of my kids played soccer, and I enjoy the sport, so I settled in with a snack and the clicker to watch Holland vs Spain.  I lived with a family in Amsterdam during my junior year, so I decided to root for Holland.  I yelled and booed and cheered at the tv, even getting up to do a little dance when my team did well.

I was a loyal viewer, watching the whole game enthusiastically.  Goal!!!!!!!!!!!   And, the Dutch team won!   But, why did “my team” look so sad and the other team overjoyed? It seems that I got the colors mixed up from the beginning.  I was actually rooting for Spain the whole time!

My son asked if I thought it was strange that “Juan and Pedro and Carlos” played for the Dutch, and “Willem and Jan” played for the Spanish.  I made excuses like they moved when they were young or their parents were rebellious and chose whatever names they wanted.   We all got a good laugh out of it.  My son calls it “The World Cup According to Ellie.”  At least tonight, I will be sure to root for the right team!






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  1. Marvin Arevalo

    I honestly think about you telling me that story every time holland plays,….. So thank you for making me smile everytime I see them play 🙂


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