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Accomplishments and How You Feel About Them

Some people are embarrassed about their accomplishments. When my friend wrote a book and I congratulated her she said, “The next one is going to be better.” And when I complimented my tennis partner on a great shot, she said, “I was just lucky.” I have a different philosophy. When I finish a sculpture, I… Read more »

Speaking Up

These times of conflict and vastly differing opinions offer challenges for each of us. Maybe you are feeling it, too. Where is the balance between speaking your mind and self-indulging rantings? When is it better to speak out and be involved and when is the time to step back and seek inner peace? I think… Read more »

Blowing Away the Smokescreen

Have you ever been plagued with troubling thoughts? My friend says that there is a dark attic in his brain and he keeps it locked because he is afraid to go into that room. Here’s another way to look at it. There are times when those thoughts pop up into our consciousness and other times… Read more »

You Can Transform

The election might be over, but many of us are still feeling off balance and heading down the dark road of an uncertain future. Knowing that I had to find a way to make peace with my feelings, a few weeks ago I participated in sessions with master teachers that helped me gain insight. Six hours… Read more »

Check Your Holiday Baggage

If you traveled to see your family this weekend, I hope that your trip was easier than mine. What should have been a simple trip from Santa Fe to Denver to Philadelphia became a 20-hour odyssey from Santa Fe to Denver to Chicago to Philadelphia, arriving slightly before midnight. While holidays with family tastes like… Read more »

Listen and Move Forward

One of our biggest challenges is to accept that people see things differently based on their experiences both past and present. A dirty plate in the sink will mean something different to different people. To some it will re-ignite the feeling of being abandoned and not cared for, to others it will bring to the… Read more »

Breathe and Vote Everyday

Many of us are exhaling a sigh of relief that the election is over. It was a tremendous drain these past few months and anxieties ran high. Some are energized with the results, others are afraid and depressed. While the election is over, our votes are not finished. Everyday we get the opportunity to vote… Read more »