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Looking at Compassion from the Inside Out

What does compassion look like to a neuroscience researcher? It begins with a stress response. You are aware of and are touched by the suffering of another and are feeling distress. You feel connected to the one who is suffering and, as the action area of the brain becomes activated, you have a desire to… Read more »

Recipe for Change

I’ve been listening to channeled wisdom recently.  Whether or not you believe in it, the insight is clear.  Bashar ( says that you start with a dissatisfaction of where you are, a hunger and thirst for something more even though you don’t know what it is.  On the other hand, if you are content, you… Read more »

Surprise at the Farmer’s Market

I look forward to the Farmer’s Market all week. Local vendors bring whatever is in season…red, black (yes, a black variety) and green apples, chilis, beets, pears, arugula, and bean sprouts cut off at the time of purchase. All fresh and organic, of course. Children eating beef sausages on a stick and cups of local… Read more »

Fantastic Quotes

I’m reading a book of quotes that are making me laugh, feel inspired and nod with understanding. Here are some of them: “Don’t be afraid of death so much as an inadequate life.” Bertolt Brecht “Build your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build theirs.” Farrah Gray “You often meet your fate… Read more »

Let’s Hear It for the Retired!

Santa Fe is bursting with people who have moved here in their retirement, but they are anything but sedentary and retired from life. They are vibrant, productive members of the community who give their time, energy and experience to benefit others. They mentor young mothers, read with elementary school children, give out food to the… Read more »

Folk Art Market Is Here!

The International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe is on! The opening ceremony welcomed 180 artists from small villages in six continents looking like a mini olympic opening. This three-day event has been called the best art market in the United States by USA Today. It generates more income for some artists than they make… Read more »

Honoring at Powwow

The Native American powwow originated for the purpose of various tribes to join together in dancing, singing, renewing old friendships and making new ones. It also served as a way for waring tribes to meet and learn about each other’s cultures in the hope of lessening their conflicts. It evolved as the peoples’ needs changed… Read more »

Silence as a Sanctuary

After a tragedy like in Orlando, an assault against humanity, there is so much talk about it.  There’s the event and the discussion in its aftermath where everyone weighs in with their thoughts on pertinent and tangential topics.  It’s on everyone’s mind and on the tips of their tongues as it was a trauma shared… Read more »