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Love Is Justice

Brian Stevenson, Attorney and Law Professor, has a beautiful attitude. He has dedicated his life to defending the people our society tends to ignore, the prison population. He believes that we are more than the worst thing that we have ever done. He sees the humanity in everyone, even those who are too vicious to… Read more »

The Joy of Helping Adult Children

Two days after she moved into a new apartment, my daughter called.  “Are you calling to gloat about how efficient you are with the move?” I asked.  “No,” she replied.  “I’m calling to say that I am completely overwhelmed and want to know if you can come as soon as possible to help me set… Read more »

Fighting Back

There is a particular aspect of these school and public shootings that is gnawing at me.  Everyone talks about keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill.  But, what about the disturbed, lonely, marginalized, bullied, isolated, maybe abused,  people who are not mentally ill but are willing to give up their lives to… Read more »

Fired Up and Ready for More

Are you obsessed with the Pope?  I am!  I hang on every word, nuance, touch, and kiss.  I watched his plane arrive and cried when I saw him emerge.  I’m not even Catholic! His message of inclusion, respect of differences, responsibility to take care of each other, and cooperation have been so inspiring.  I am… Read more »

Dreaming or Awake?

It was two and a half years ago that I received my Cherokee name in a dream.  I had been working on my breathing…releasing shallow breathing and trusting in a universe that allowed me to breathe deeply.  Since we release 70 percent of toxins through the breath, that is a really good thing. In the… Read more »