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Teaching Humanity in Our Schools

When I see reports about hate crimes, I wonder how these people feel justified in acting out their rage.  There is not a gene for all-consuming hatred against a group of people or assurance of security by being part of a group whose common thread is a perceived enemy.  Beliefs of separateness and isolation are… Read more »

Baby Elephant and the Ocean

I saw a video on Facebook of a baby elephant experiencing the ocean for the first time.  It was delightful!  He romped around, jumped through the waves, dug his face into the sand, splashed, rolled over and stood on his head with his hind feet sticking out of the water.  I could feel his ecstasy!… Read more »

Being Thankful

This holiday season, rather than being thankful for specific things that are going right for me now (and a lot of things are so right), I think about being in a state of appreciation.  Being thankful for particular things that I have received makes me wonder if I would be able to be thankful if… Read more »

Making a Shift

“Enlightenment is a shift in self-identification from body to spirit identification,” says Marianne Williamson, author and spiritual teacher.  She adds that if you only think of your body and your own drama and circumstances, it leads to thoughts of aging and limitations.  You feel that your opportunities are diminished because you feel that you are… Read more »

Eat, Pray, Love and Talk About It


Elizabeth Gilbert, author of “Eat, Pray, Love”, was interviewed on Oprah yesterday.  Authentic and forthright, she shared much of her learned wisdom.  She has been open about her miserably failed first marriage.  She couldn’t continue to live the life of marriage and motherhood that her mother and community had expected of her.  Her broken and… Read more »