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Spirituality Made Easy

There is so much talk about spirituality that many people are wondering what it really means.  Author and teacher Caroline Myss explains it like this: It is the part of you that is drawn to hope and will not give in to despair…the part of you that believes in goodness and something more.  Every choice… Read more »

Michael Franti Inspires

Last night I saw Michael Franti at a lawn concert in Santa Fe.  I knew a little about his music but was more interested in him and his message of oneness, positivity and inclusion. What a powerhouse!  I was bobbing in a sea of people swaying and jumping up and down.  After two hours of… Read more »

Youths Spring Hope in Middle East

Tonight I attended an event supporting Creativity for Peace, a three-week camp in Santa Fe for teenage girls from Israel and Palestine.  Although I went to this last year, the speeches and lessons tonight were fresh and new. Their philosophy is to teach and implement conflict resolution, compassionate listening and authentic speaking while building future… Read more »

Writing With Purpose and Vision

I listened to an interview with a famous author on how to get your book published.  He was full of energy and advice on how to utilize social media, publish millions of books around the world, meet interesting people, make lots of money, and get continual speaking engagements.  As I am always thinking of writing… Read more »

More on Real Love and Compassion

Nuggets of wisdom on love and compassion were flying all over the room.  I rummaged through my canvas bag for a pen and used the back of a receipt to jot down some of these thoughts: “Violence is not completely fatal until it ceases to disturb us.”  Thomas Merton “We need to cultivate deeply principled… Read more »

A Labor of Love? Seriously?

Author Don Miguel Ruiz asks us to be impeccable with our words.  “Speak with integrity.  Say only what you mean.  Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others.  Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.”  Taking his cue, I find two of our common… Read more »

Spotlight on Kids

This weekend I attended a dance recital of NM school children who are trained free of charge by an organization that teaches with a mission which is to help children develop discipline, a standard of excellence, and a belief in themselves that will carry over into all aspects of their lives.  I experienced this performance… Read more »