My mother can talk with anyone. I left her sitting on a bench at a flower show while I got her coat and when I returned she had made a friend. She talks to people on airplanes and asks people in upscale restaurants why they ordered what they did, disarming any notion of haughtiness or… Read more »

Let’s talk about you…unique…like no one else in the world…you. You don’t fit into a box, so don’t even try to squeeze into one. It will hurt. What do I mean? Just because you like something, doesn’t indicate or predict your other preferences. You are free to discover more about yourself every day and adjust… Read more »

Wouldn’t it be delightful if everyone approved of you? After all, your actions are well-intentioned and they seem to be the best given your choices. There must be many who would agree and even admire what you are doing. Yet there is always someone who will disapprove of you and who will tell you even… Read more »

It was the day before I was going to Michigan to visit the kids. My friend texted, “Are you having fun getting ready for your trip?” I texted back, “I didn’t consider getting gas in the car or buying compression stockings for the plane fun, but okay, if I look at it differently I guess… Read more »

People come into and out of our lives, often for reasons that we don’t understand. When a person leaves a friendship or love relationship it is so easy to take it personally. When someone criticizes or withdraws attention, it looks like it was something that we did. But often it is not! It reflects what… Read more »

The last time I saw my friend, Tom, was about two weeks ago. We were sitting in an outdoor cafe sipping pomegranate flavored beer listening to the live band across the street.  He drew images of the mirror that he was going to build encased in a yin/yang two-tone wooden frame for the wall above… Read more »

Monday Morning Anywhere

I remember when I threw out a sculpture that I had made. It was a six foot by eight foot canvas with five silhouettes of women made out of latex painted on tree trunks. I painted about twenty coats of liquid latex on top of each other in the shape of women. Whether it was… Read more »

What is unconditional love anyway? Let’s start by saying what it is not. It is not saying, “I love you because of what you gave me or that you fit into my lifestyle.” It is not something that you give or receive. It is not a contract promising that if you treat me this way… Read more »

I have nothing to write about today. No life lessons or awarenesses or observations. It’s been a pretty quiet week, but since I made a commitment to post every Friday I’m going to say what I wish for you this weekend. I hope that you taste two delicious foods, one healthy and one not-so-healthy and… Read more »

I swim at a local gym. Usually twenty laps – no more, no less. Twenty does it for me. Once in awhile when I am feeling strong I put flippers on my feet. It takes more energy but builds up calf muscles and strength. Today on lap twelve I put on the flippers and started… Read more »