I have nothing to write about today. No life lessons or awarenesses or observations. It’s been a pretty quiet week, but since I made a commitment to post every Friday I’m going to say what I wish for you this weekend. I hope that you taste two delicious foods, one healthy and one not-so-healthy and… Read more »

I swim at a local gym. Usually twenty laps – no more, no less. Twenty does it for me. Once in awhile when I am feeling strong I put flippers on my feet. It takes more energy but builds up calf muscles and strength. Today on lap twelve I put on the flippers and started… Read more »

This is my favorite Taoist parable. Two monks are going for a walk. They come to a river. There is a woman wanting to cross the river but she can’t wade across like they can. The elder monk picks up the woman, carries her across the river and puts her down on the other side…. Read more »

Making Choices with Integrity

I am so inspired! I just listened to a Ted talk by medical intuitive Caroline Myss about choices that we make. She pointed out that we have no idea which choices matter and which will be insignificant. We are born knowing in our spiritual instincts that our choices are powerful.  She identified five points in… Read more »

Have You Heard of Amma?

Have you ever heard of Amma, meaning mother? She is a woman from India who has dedicated her life to alleviating the pain of those living in poverty as well as those suffering physically and emotionally. What is her technique? She hugs. Over the thirty years of her world tours, Amma has embraced more than… Read more »

A Miracle in the Silver Lining

Sunday was my daughter’s wedding. It was less than a week ago and the memories are still fresh in my mind. The bride was radiant and stunning, the sky sparkling, the venue welcoming with flowers bursting everywhere, and the guests ready to embrace new friends and celebrate this union of two lovers committed to their… Read more »

Wedding Time is Here

My daughter is getting married tomorrow!!!! It is a wonderful time to celebrate friends and family and to welcome my new son-in-law into my heart. Have a safe and joyful holiday weekend! I’ll write more next week.

A Harrowing Tale

My friend tells of a harrowing ride for her. Her husband was driving them down a steep, winding mountain ride going much too fast for her comfort. She leaned to the left and then to the right each time they rounded a corner trying to tilt the car away from the ledge. When they reached… Read more »