Wisdom Comes in Strange Ways

Last week was tough for me.  I had a lot of emotional stuff to wade through and I was at a loss on how to change things.  I wanted to feel better but my mind had taken over and when my mind is at the helm, watch out!  I was tense and anxious, my stomach was in a knot and my shoulders were up by my ears.  Faith and calm dangled in the distance too small to take a seat at the table.  I am being dramatic here, not a serious problem, but the discomfort eclipsed all reasonable thoughts.

When I get stuck and think that I have exhausted every possible solution…wanting relief from the energy drain but having no idea how to release that valve I have developed a new habit.  I look up at the sky and say, “Universe, I need help!  I can’t figure this out by myself.  Please help me!”  Then I sit back and begin to surrender.  My mind goes onto another topic and I know that somehow, sometime I will receive guidance.

On that particular day I was driving to do an errand when I reached the tipping point and asked for help.  About two blocks later I was stopped at a red light, my mind wandering, when I noticed a truck turn the corner in front of me.  Before it turned the message on the side of the truck caught my attention.  What do you think was written?

“Positive Thinking”!  That truck was on its way to deliver goods or provide a service when it was positioned directly in my vision.  The name of the company was Positive Thinking Electric or Positive Thinking Plumbing or Positive Thinking Cookies.  I felt a jolt.  I had asked for guidance and when it arrived I was giddy.  Laughing, I said thank you over and over again.  “I get it!”  Such a simple nudge of guidance that had eluded me at the time.

Some would say that when I finally relaxed I could access the guidance that was already in my consciousness.  Maybe so.  It’s just really good to know that thinking and actively trying to solve a problem or insist on immediate relief sometimes interfere with our innate wisdom.  Let go and surrender and the next step might be displayed before you anywhere, even in huge letters on the side of a truck.



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  1. Barbara Hinz

    Love it! I remember years ago reading a book on angels. The message in the book was that you have unlimited angels standing by eager to help but you must first ask and give them permission to help. Then just let go and trust that help, assistance and guidance will show up. Being patient and aware, you will see the signs and help as they arrive. I’m grateful for that stop light that allowed you to see the sign, “Think Positive”! I can hear you laughter at seeing this!


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