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Mom Tweets

My eighty-eight-year-old mother surprises me again.  Last year she learned how to text.  I remember her first text, “I am texting.” Now she wants to learn how to tweet.  Why?  Because politicians tweet and she wants to let them know what she thinks. Amazing!  Remarkable!  Inspiring! Share!TumblrStumbleUponPrintPinterestLinkedinTwitterFacebookemail

Calling It Quits on Election Mania

I have spent so much time eating in front of the tv glued to election news that my food has begun to taste like the candidates. Breakfast with Morning Joe and scrambled eggs taste like Trump, buttered toast like Rubio and avocado like Cruz. Dinner with Lester Holt is no better. Roasted chicken tastes like… Read more »

The Joy of Helping Adult Children

Two days after she moved into a new apartment, my daughter called.  “Are you calling to gloat about how efficient you are with the move?” I asked.  “No,” she replied.  “I’m calling to say that I am completely overwhelmed and want to know if you can come as soon as possible to help me set… Read more »

Freedom for Socks

As promised, I addressed my sock drawer tonight.  It is astounding how many socks are too small, tattered and ridiculously out of character for me now.  Either they really shrink or my children have been storing their socks in my drawer for years.  Are those white anklets my mother’s?  And I don’t remember buying one… Read more »

Approaching the Closet

I survived the first two nights of cleaning out my closet spurred on by Marie Kondo of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.”  As I held up each item, I asked “Am I ever going to wear this?”  Then I admitted that the question is supposed to be “Does this spark joy?”  Well, that is… Read more »