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Recipe for Change

I’ve been listening to channeled wisdom recently.  Whether or not you believe in it, the insight is clear.  Bashar ( says that you start with a dissatisfaction of where you are, a hunger and thirst for something more even though you don’t know what it is.  On the other hand, if you are content, you… Read more »

Healing Powers of Smiling

“Put a smile on your face. A smile sends healing energy throughout your body.” And so the meditation tape from Spring Forest Qigong begins. The first few times it felt out of place for me. Smile on demand? It felt forced and fake. I always get annoyed when teachers tell me to smile. Don’t tell… Read more »

Equal Pay for Mothers

Motherhood with all its perks and challenges is a never-ending job. It is equal pay for equal or unequal work…everyone gets paid the same…nothing. Of course that’s not true. The pay is tremendous. We get to see our children live our lessons and, by adding their own essences, spread our wisdom to others. We see… Read more »

Fantastic Quotes

I’m reading a book of quotes that are making me laugh, feel inspired and nod with understanding. Here are some of them: “Don’t be afraid of death so much as an inadequate life.” Bertolt Brecht “Build your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build theirs.” Farrah Gray “You often meet your fate… Read more »

The Power of Curiosity and Courage

Curiosity and courage are a powerful duo.  Add enthusiasm and the potential is limitless.  Did you ever notice how nice it is to be with someone who is actually interested and curious about you?  Someone who isn’t telling you something but is asking and listening to the answer?  Curiosity connects us to experiences beyond our… Read more »

New York Version of Be Here Now

Three out of five people on any street in New York City are not there.  Doesn’t make sense?  My unsubstantiated survey from visiting New York last week revealed that approximately three out of every five people I passed were connected to a device – listening to music, talking on the phone, intently texting or searching… Read more »

Letting Go of Remembering

Did you ever notice how freaked-out middle-age people get when they can’t remember something? They act like it’s the beginning of the end, foreboding imminent and total demise, the first step into obliteration of life as we know it. It’s really not that bad, Folks. A few weeks ago I went to a movie with… Read more »

Exercise Your Eyes

You might think that this is weird, but I am going to share it anyway.  Are you ready?  I do eye exercises.  That’s right.  Everyday before I get out of bed I exercise my eyes.  They were recommended by my doctor drawing on his Ayurvedic (ancient Indian medical) background.  They were also suggested by the… Read more »