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Changing Glasses

Some people see everything through the same lens.  No matter how the conversation starts out, it always ends up the same way.  Whether their interpretation is through politics, money, aging or relationships, it is predictable and relentless.  It always comes down to the same conclusion which is reached through their tinted view. Surprise me!  Shake… Read more »

Steaming Hot!

I finally got to the Zen monastery today.  But, as things are always different than what you expect, my experience was surprising.  I drove two hours through fast food towns and construction to enjoy the last fifteen minutes of beautiful scenery before arriving at the monastery.   Upon arriving, I was greeted by chickens roaming… Read more »

Cafe Gratitude

My favorite restaurant in Berkeley, CA is Café Gratitude. In addition to serving organic, locally grown products, their mission is “a celebration of aliveness and abundance to honor the earth and ourselves”. The atmosphere is earthy…no television, no loud music…just a warm, cozy fire and simple furniture. The names of the dishes are really fun,… Read more »