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Puddle Jumpers

Here is an excerpt from my upcoming book: Kids and puddles go well together. Jumping, skipping, and hopping in puddles in unbridled playfulness is a child’s domain. Adults don’t splash in a puddle. They jump over it. They protect themselves from it. Kids go through it, pause and feel the sensual pleasure, splash for the… Read more »

Chatting Raised to Another Level

My mother can talk with anyone. I left her sitting on a bench at a flower show while I got her coat and when I returned she had made a friend. She talks to people on airplanes and asks people in upscale restaurants why they ordered what they did, disarming any notion of haughtiness or… Read more »

The Zen of Football

Life is like a football game. You start in the middle and try to move the ball toward the goal. The quarterback trusts the halfback to receive as he intended, but there is a fumble, a recovery, an overthrow or missed opportunity. Maybe the pass just goes wild having lost its direction and focus. Betrayal,… Read more »

A Less-than Perfect Picture

When my friend and I were hiking last week we took pictures of each other enjoying the warm breeze, turning leaves and sun-sparkled water. She protested at first saying that she didn’t like how she looked in pictures, then acquiesced and allowed me to take them. The next day I sent her the pictures that… Read more »

Younger Skin in Two Easy Steps

Scientific breakthrough! Softer, more supple skin in two easy steps! This method has positively not been tested by anyone and does not meet any requirements for making this statement. The scientific basis is that I tried it twice in my bathroom and was excited to tell you about it. Here it is: Since face moisturizers… Read more »