Who’s Driving This Ship Anyway?

Ellie's phone pictures 750I’m gonna be honest.  I’m feeling scared about my move to Santa Fe.  I seem to have let go of the words to describe why I’m going.  I can’t even access the left brain rationale. I am on a course with no brakes or diversions. Somewhere in my soul I know why I am doing this.  The draw is so strong that I feel like I am not even commandeering this ship.  I am just along for the ride.

Release and re-invention are guiding me. Only take what I love. Leave lighter and unencumbered.  I gave away my old fur coat and wedding silverware, sculptures, dishes, and unopened bottles of alcohol.  Books once read, but unlikely to be re-read.  Let someone else enjoy them.  I have been shredding tons of documents.  It is astounding how much I have accumulated that doesn’t pertain to me anymore.  Did I ever throw anything out?

I’m leaving a warm, cozy house, friends whom I love, and delightful relationships with local merchants.  I know where to find anything and who to call.  I am going to the unknown, the unknowable, the untarnished.  Yet, I feel supported.  I have a strong, inner feeling that this is right.  It is one of those quiet, yet intense, knowingnesses that is my truth.  When I listen, I am guided.  It is a leap of faith from a foundation of trust. But at times, like today and last night, it is scary!



3 Responses to “Who’s Driving This Ship Anyway?”

  1. annina

    Dear Ellie, Thanks so much for sharing this. It is inspiring, and I love hearing that for truly important things, we may not be completely in charge. What you are undertaking sounds just right and wonderful.
    I’m thinking of you.

  2. Barbara Hinz

    Courageousness is just listening to your heart and soul and having faith that everything you need is put right before you, so Sante Fe here you come! I’m so happy that you are listening to that voice within, the one filled with love…may you bloom and grow and bring your very special self to a new home and the world!
    I am go grateful and blessed that during your time here we met. XOXOXOXO

  3. Heather

    Spirit is driving, and u r along for the ride…and, u know its right bc u can feel it…that’s bc u r
    connected and intuned! It’s so exciting, I can’t wait to come and visit!


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