In Awe of Newness

photoThis is what I love about kids: they are in awe of everything.  A baby is fascinated with his foot that seems to be connected to a body that seems to be his.  Tasting a carrot for the first time brings wonderment to his mouth beyond anything that he has ever experienced.   A cup holds water or it doesn’t.  It is all equally interesting.

As I was cutting up vegetables for dinner, I gave my granddaughter a small piece of broccoli.  She made a house for it out of magnetic tiles and treated it with the love and kindness reserved for a newborn chick, providing comfort and safety for her beloved broccoli floret.  Why not?  Is there a limit to what warrants our love?

I love seeing the world through a child’s eyes.  Their awe and awareness of everything highlights simple, sensual pleasures.  It’s not too late for us adults.  We can still learn from our children, the younger the more delightful the lesson.


5 Responses to “In Awe of Newness”

  1. CharlotteG

    Nicely written Ellie. Just love your very last sentence. It says it all!
    I trust you and the family had a wonderful Passover?

  2. Laurie bates

    Enjoyed reading your blog. My grandson puts a smile on my face everyday. Best of luck with the move. Enjoy all your new experiences


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