Let Nature Nurture

b2a49eee-5009-4d63-a093-ee54fd8c9fb5Today was the first beautiful day of spring.  Sunny and 75 degrees.  I went to the beach, kicked off my shoes, laid on the sand, and fell asleep to the sound of lapping water and squawking seagulls.

My trip to the beach was a respite from compulsive planning, organizing and the need to feel accomplished.  It’s so easy to get on a track of control and impatience.  I have to keep bringing myself to a place of release and acceptance.  As much as we plan, we really don’t have the power to control anyway.  Affect an outcome?  Yes.  Make something happen and orchestrate responses to it?  No.

So, to the beach!  Let go and allow it to be.  Let Nature nurture.

I am celebrating spring and the unknown experiences it will bring.  We make the soil fertile, life springs forth in ways that surprise us.

Happy Spring!





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