Traveling Ain’t What It Used to Be

IMG_1187I was on my way from NY to NM.  A short layover in Denver, a puddle jumper to Santa Fe, arrive by 10 pm and wake up fresh the next morning.

EXCEPT that when I got to the gate for my connection to Santa Fe, they said that the flight was cancelled.  No more flights out that night and I was automatically booked on a flight two nights later.  Denver Airport for two days?  I don’t think so!  With focus and determination, I dealt with each issue one at a time.  I got a flight out at 6 am the next morning, a voucher for a hotel and a $7 voucher for dinner.  Being 9 pm and airport restaurants closing, my options were limited.   I was never so happy to see Taco Bell.  Three tacos and a bottle of water for $6.49!

Oh, one more thing, my suitcase was in a holding area where it could not be accessed until the next day.  It was my time to be creative.  At the hotel, I took a shower and used the liner from the ice bucket as a shower cap.  I got a wake up call at 4 am, but the clock in the room said 3 am.  Which was right?  I couldn’t trust my cell phone because it didn’t update accurately.  Luckily my watch showed that it was indeed 4 am.

Here I am in Santa Fe now.  I arrived yesterday and my luggage had a little jet lag and arrived last night.  It feels strange here.  I needed some time to adjust to the differences.  Getting into manyana mode.  Lots of questioning and second guessing myself last night.   What am I doing?  How can I leave the beautiful water views of Long Island?  Somewhere between 4:30 and 5:30 this morning, it came to me.  It felt right again, so very right.  The air, the native American culture, the spirituality and the focus on healthy living are all calling me.

I can sum it up this way.  I might be giving up the water, but I am getting the sky.



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  1. annina

    I know this is one of the oldest clichés in the book, but you reminded me “that it is always darkest before the dawn”! I can relate to having the greatest doubts and then, all of a sudden, the realization that everything is actually wonderful.

    I loved your last sentence :))


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