IMG_2508I am sitting in a coffee shop listening to soft sixties music waiting with everyone else for the snowstorm to end.  Yes, it snows in Santa Fe, and the locals are grateful for the moisture.   I am reflecting on my time here as the month of exploration is almost over.

Within two weeks, I knew that I had stumbled into an environment that will nurture my emerging views.  My need to connect to the land and interest in alternative thinking is commonplace here.  Last night I met a CEO who goes trekking in Nepal and meditates two hours a day.  Every course of spiritual study and contemplation I have engaged in is met by someone who has studied similar ideas.

Strangely, I have not pursued much of the art here.  Walking along Canyon Road with galleries side by side, I only stopped into a few.  Maybe it is overload.  Maybe it is too cold.  Many of them are closed.  In time, I will make my way through all of the galleries and museums.

Although I am enjoying the excitement of a new city, what I am really writing about and sharing is the concept of being free to be ourselves wherever we are.   I present Exhibit A:   Shedding old confines and dancing in the face of uncertainty.   Can we shine our light among doubting people?   Do we trust what we know in our hearts to be true, and act on it?

When someone asks me what materials I use to create my art, I answer, “My heart and soul.”  Those are sometimes challenging tools, but they’re all I need.

4 Responses to “Reflection”

  1. annina

    YES! That’s where it has to start for sure: with the heart and soul. To read this and be reminded of that is powerful, and I’ll take that to my writing today. oxoxo

  2. Shoshi

    I am sure your art is far better than that in the local galleries. Continue to enjoy, it sounds like you have found peace. Thinking of you, love, Shosh

  3. steve

    The weather here has been crappy at best! I suggest you have someone pack up your stuff here and send it to you. We will gladly come out there to visit you.


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