Lovingly Offering Nothing

Ellie's phone pictures 107Tonight I have nothing to offer you.  Not a story, not a quote, not a lesson…nada, zip, nothing, zilch.  I could come up with something to write, but my heart is quiet and not into it.

This quietness reminds me of the Taoist state called wuji.  It is pure nothingness, before the contrast of light and dark, up and down, feeling and devoid of feelings.  Emptiness.  It has been called the ultimate of beinglessness.  From this void comes limitless possibilities.  All is possible.  It is the seat of creativity and creation and becoming.  It is where movement and inspiration germinate and life springs forth.  It is pure potential, infinite and abundant.

It is my joy to reach out to you in nothingness and allow all to be possible.   Sometimes it feels good to go to that primal place of quietness and emptiness and just be.

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