Dreaming into Existence

Ellie's phone pictures 154It’s my last day in Santa Fe.  I go home tomorrow to an icy driveway, broken pipe, and impending snowstorm.  As the phone calls went from plumber to neighbor I was feeling more and more out of control.  I remembered writing in my last blog about dancing in the face of uncertainty.  It was so annoying!   I didn’t feel like dancing!  I felt like settling the issues and moving onto more fun times.  It’s harder to quiet down and trust in the perfection of the universe when things are challenging.  It was my opportunity to follow my words and be more compassionate to others who are stuck in devastating situations.

In Deepak Chopra’s meditation today, he says, “The world is waiting for your vision.  Speak freely about your vision and your dreams.  The spoken word is a powerful tool, and by leveraging your voice, you can expand your dreams from internal thoughts to external possibilities, laying the groundwork for divine purpose to manifest.”

To me, being alive is like being dealt a hand of cards.  You have the free will to play out that hand any way that you choose.  But, at any time and without warning, that hand will be taken away and you will be dealt another set of cards.  You can adjust and play it out the best way you can, or you can complain about the unfairness of loosing your cards.  Your choice.   Always changing.   Always challenging.  Always offering new opportunities.


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  1. Pat

    Thinking deeply about the challenges and keeping calm through it all. That is a challenge in itself, to deal with broken pipes in your home while you are away to retreat and refresh. Happy you worked it through. Blessings, Pat

  2. Barbara Hinz

    What I have learned in the past 2 days is that after I was dealt a game of “52 card pick up” is that I’m not in it alone, there are angels and helpers all around and that by using laughter, humor and much gratitude, the mess that I was laying on the ground 2 days ago is just another adventure, that I am dreaming into a fun filled and while I can call it challenging, it’s really an opportunity to see from another perspective. Life is not going to fall apart, it’s actually being put back together in a whole new mosaic. (Or at least my knee is, LOL)
    I think it would be wonderful for you to come home and sit in your gallery, surrounded yourself and listen to your art speak to you. Your gallery contains who you were in the past, Sante Fe showed you an expansion of yourself. Sitting quietly with all those parts will show you the path to chose.
    Thanks for sharing your adventure! I have deeply enjoyed it!


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