It’s All So Funny!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI laugh a lot.  It’s all so funny!  Smile, grin, chuckle, belly laugh.  I can be washing the dishes and burst out laughing at something that someone said last week.

I laugh at myself, too.  I really get a kick out of myself and the zany things I do.  Yesterday I was feeling so good after swimming that when I got into the car I started to make up a rap song.  “Walk on! Walk on!”  So the song went.  Pumping and swaying, I was having so much fun making up new verses that I missed my next errand. That made me laugh even more.  I have a friend who is skeptical whenever I get popcorn at a movie after the time that I spilled it all over me and into the hooded jacket of the person in front of me.  I spent part of the movie quietly trying to clean it out of her hood.  It’s a good thing that I left out butter and chocolate chunks that I have been known to put in popcorn.

I can create bizarre food combinations.  After jaw surgery, when I could only eat pureed food, I made a smoothie with avocado, carrots and fish to get fat and protein into one meal.  It was so awful that I thought of writing a book entitled “Green Pudding is Gross!”  I’ve made up marching dances to holiday songs and chased geese off my front lawn wearing a black raincoat and swinging a broom.  My kids consider it one of the funniest things they have ever seen.

Do you laugh at yourself?  Want to share some of those things?  C’mon, it’s fun!




6 Responses to “It’s All So Funny!”

  1. Ruth Shapiro

    I love this!
    I take myself way too seriously…and life. Thank you for this nudge.

    Every night I take Diego for a walk around the block in my pajamas. The first time I did it, I was worried what people might think. “She’s becoming a batty old lady.”
    Haha. Yes!
    I also make up rap songs about errands or chores. I like it when I do that. Even funnier is that I am pretending to be a singer and singing at a little club. I am not a singer. Sometimes I look out into the audience and crack up. What am I doing???? Having fun!

  2. nancy bernstein

    Oh yes 🙂 one time I drove by a restaurant called “hot and crusty” and couldn’t resist…I starting rapping about crusty nutsies lol 🙂 it’s wonderful to be with or communicate with people who are so much fun. Your kids are blessed 🙂 Playful blessings…

  3. ruth

    your creativity is like MEDICINE; it can cure anything. I will laugh all day today, Ruth

  4. Heather

    Sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night laughing outloud, and i have no idea why! then, i realize that i’m laughing outloud, and i laugh even harder!!

    LOVE you!!!

  5. Mary Fox

    One time I walked into the men’s locker at the gym. I got all the way to the back when I realized it. I wasn’t looking it up the whole walk down but out of the corner of my eye I remember seeing something and thinking to myself “that woman has a really hairy butt” and then I realized where I was. The twins were little back then..I blame it on the lack of sleep. It was the longest walk ever out of that locker room.

  6. Ben Nardinelli

    Something that always makes me laugh. When I was a teenager I was walking home from a girlfriends house in a rough neighborhood and I got robbed by a guy. I didn have a dime to my name, didn’t even have an empty wallet. The guy felt sorry for me and gave me crumpled up dollar. I bought a soda and a snickers bar on the way home. They were sweeter than normal.

    I am terribly inflexible and can’t touch my toes. Sometimes when I look at them I think that’s a good thing.

    Once while camping in Montana with Amelia we saw a moose across the river and Amelia said “look a donkey”. I said “my poor little Latin girl, every big brown animal looks like a donkey to you” I’ll never let her live that down.


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