Creatively Rebellious

388My brain is on overdrive. Thoughts swirling around like random particles slamming into each other. How can one head house so much activity? I feel like I have been talking for two days straight. In rekindling old friendships people have opened up to me about living with cancer, facing a repressive marriage, dating, and dealing with children. Life in vivid color, flowing and flawed, never slowing down enough to be contained or controlled.

I feel compassion for each struggle, and I deeply respect each person’s right to their interpretation and choices. We are all making what we think are the best decisions with what we understand at the time.

My outlook is sometimes different from others. I see challenges as symbolic, classes to learn from so we can act in harmony with our hearts, practicing compassion and kindness along the way. As I move forward, my luggage will be what I have learned about life and about myself. It’s about taking responsibility for ourselves, a search and rescue mission for our souls. Rescue ourselves from the menace of old rules and conventions that don’t make sense anymore. Defiance and vulnerability can illuminate the way.

Do we have courage in the face of doubt and fear? Leaping is not safe, but it is expansively creative. What are we if not our creativity and freedom? Freedom’s song is a messy palette. And for what purpose do we sing? To feel alive. To feel alive.

3 Responses to “Creatively Rebellious”

  1. CharlotteG

    So enjoy your blogs, Ellie. Good to hear from you again. I was thinking of you not too long ago. I do hope your life in running smoothly and if not, in a great direction? Finished up last round of radiation a few weeks ago and slowly getting back on track. Just returned from small family gathering in GA to see oldest grand niece appear in a school play. Wonderful performance by all, made more spectacular by performances by 3-4-5th graders! Take care.

  2. Barbara

    I agree with Heather; I love your imagery in language!
    Looking forward to getting together soon.


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