Is a Bad Day Really Bad?

You might say that I was having a bad day. I was late to my qigong class and, when I arrived, the door was locked. I was so disappointed! I really wanted to be with the group to learn the form that brought us from winter to spring. It was a cold rainy day and I was craving the warmth of moving the energy into the upcoming season of growth and renewal. What to do with the free hour and a half? I decided to try a Himalyan Salt Cavern that I had been wanting to get to, but when I checked their address online I found out that they were closed that day. Then I got a call from a repair shop saying that my chair was ready. When I got there to pick it up the door was locked. The owner had gone out for a cup of coffee.

I pulled over and asked myself why the theme of the day seemed to be that doors were closed to me. Maybe I was looking for sources outside of myself to give me something – to teach me, to enrich me. I decided to go home and try to learn the qigong form myself, from the inside out. I sat on the couch with the open book and read about each part of the form and how to transition from one to the next. I read and practiced, read and practiced until the difficult parts became more familiar.

The next day when I told the teacher about my day she said that it was good that I wasn’t there because they did a different form.  It was not the one that I needed.  It turns out that my day wasn’t so bad after all.

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