An Authentic Accounting

Why do I write these blogs? I have nothing to sell. I can’t offer you a coupon or a degree or a scientific breakthrough or, least of all, a recipe.

It comes down to this. We are all trying to figure out how to live. How and when do we cast aside the things that don’t work anymore and search for new ways? Where do we find them? How do we understand our changes and those in our relationships when fear, resentment and confusion cloud hope for improved communication?

What we thought was important and fulfilling may actually be a puny Oz hiding behind the curtain. I’m not buying it anymore. I want to see what is underneath the masquerade, which values hold up to scrutiny. Come out from behind the curtain and show us your truth!

I draw on my experiences like you do and try to decipher what there is to be learned from each one. When we take the time to go inward we often see that there is a lot to be learned.  Many of us are frustrated that the attachments and force to control that we were taught came up short. We leaned on them to fill us up but they proved to be weak and shallow, cracking like thin ice on a spring day. Somewhere along the way we learned not to trust them, but are still longing for something to fill that need to belong and to matter.

In my honest and sometimes humorous way, I share with you my frustration at hapless solutions, shining the light on them to illuminate the other side. Maybe you share those frustrations. When I feel that I can hear you say, “Yes! I feel that way, too,”  that gives me pleasure. I’m going to continue to uncover and examine, ruminate and suggest.  Why?  Because I think it’s fun!

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