Your Unique Gift

What is one thing that the faltering economy, anxiety and fear can’t take away? Your imagination! When feeling stressed, unsettled or stuck there is one vacation that doesn’t rely on a plane or payment. Actually it pays you when you use it. It takes you out of confinement and exercises your mind in a way that replenishes without even leaving your couch.

Give it a try. All you need is a pen and paper. Use one word or concept and let your mind free-flow on the page. Stretch and allow whatever comes. You might be surprised at your creativity. Tell me how it goes.  Here is an example:


A bird hopping footprints in the sand.
Listening to a friend.
A cloud morphing across the sky.
A sprout pushing through the earth at the first sign of spring.
Making the decision to take care of yourself.
Chiffon curtains blowing in a summer breeze.
Gently falling snow laying a blanket one flake at a time.
Hair growing.

Some examples of topics are Red, Speed, Rain, Vibration, Seasons, Plaid Pajamas, Horses, Transformation, Beacons of Light, Laughter, Mysterious, Comforting. Give it a try. Come up with your own topic. Your mind might need some exercising.

Talking about exercising your mind, here are some snippets from Molly McCord’s astrology reading from March 25-April 1. If you need inspiration and guidance this is the place to go. Taken from her Youtube reading:

Be aware of what you value. This time is excelerating humanity. It is asking people to awaken and get clear about their priorities and to make changes. You can’t deny who you have become and who you are becoming.

Stay open to miracles and openings.

Get clear about a vision for your future and pivot your energy into something different.

March 27 and 28 – Something comes through that gives much needed resources.

Harness your own power now. Humanity is going through a big shift. Own your sovereignty and autonomy. Sense what is right.

Energies are moving faster to accelerate us through these experiences. Something is awakening regarding new expressions of humanity and more balanced ways of being on the planet.

A past job might be over so you can be re-assured that you need to change paths.

We are moving through this planetary change together. What is unfolding is for the betterment of humanity.

One Response to “Your Unique Gift”

  1. Ellena Martin

    Got fired, moving, Started improv classes, now on Zoom, financial accident settlement……so much happening, can hardly keep up!!! Sooooo grateful !!!


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