When It's Not What You Expected

After five years of practice and three months of intense teacher training and a grueling two-and-a-half hour personalized test I received my certification to teach qigong in the lineage of the MogaDao Institute of Santa Fe. I thought that I would be elated and immediately call family and friends while shouting it out of the window of my car on the way home.

I was wrong. Although relieved and deeply happy I felt that, instead of a culmination of hard work and determination, it was a beginning. It was the opportunity to go deeper into the forms and understand them in a way that was unavailable to me while in the throes of studying. Rather than memorizing and being able to use terminology from my notes I began to feel the energy of the movements and intertwine them with my life experiences. I can now see how the hardest part of the test is after the test and becoming accountable for transmitting with the utmost care forms that can change a life.

It is said that during the test the founder of the institute reaches into your soul, takes out a lesson that you need to learn and puts it in your face. That was true. I had the good fortune of being open and vulnerable in front of a caring mentor who requires from her students excellence, the deepest core of integrity and commitment. I welcome the lessons that have inspired me and keep me learning.

So, you see that sometimes what you expect to be an end is actually a beginning…a new opportunity…a challenge…an unimaginable chance to know yourself better.

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  1. Barbara

    Beautiful Ellie! We are all becoming even more than we were before. I thank you for growing and for giving and teaching, and touching hearts wherever you go.


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