The Inner World of Computers

You probably already know this. I am slow to discover technological ways to make my life easier. It seems that each advance that I learn about leads to two more things to address. One step forward, two steps backward.

But here is an idea that could make your experience online less aggravating.

I am sometimes reticent to order things or make a contribution when I am asked for my email. Not only does the company contact me with new offers but they sell my phone number and address to others and as a result of that I get many more solicitations. It is just overwhelming!

Someone gave me this idea that has potential. Make up a new email address that you use just for this purpose. You can check it sporadically but it won’t pop up every time that you log into your personal email. You can confine junk mail and not allow yourself to be a target just because an advertising company has dubbed you so. I’ve done it and will see how it works. If you have been doing this for years, please excuse my primitive knowledge of the inner world of computers!

It is spring and cleaning out also applies to electronics. Emails can be cluttering. I have to admit that I sometimes have thousands of emails, some even unread. I am too busy living to read ads about how to live.

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