The Cutest Airport

photo-14I’m at the Santa Fe airport on my way to visit my grandchildren in Michigan.  What a hoot!  There is one gate with a little conveyer belt next to it that they call Baggage Claim.  Someone asked me where Baggage Claim was, and I told her that she just walked past it. And the zones are a joke.  I’ve been here when there are about five people in Zone 3.

After my last trip here my suitcase was lost, and when I called Hertz to ask the number of the airport lost and found, he asked me if my suitcase was purple and if I was Ellie.  He said that he was looking at it and it would be on the next shuttle to my house.

The people have a unique style.  Although most are comfortably dressed in loose cotton tops and sneakers, I’m looking at a twenty-something woman in a buckskin skirt and cowboy boots…straight out of Bonanza or a southwestern version of Vogue, depending on your age.

Last week I called Hertz to reserve a car for my son, and when Bernard answered the phone I told him that I remembered him.  He remembered me, too, and asked if I had moved in yet.  I love this little town mentality!  It is hilarious!


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