Making a Hard Decision

Best Friends Making the decision was the hardest part. Implementing it was easier.

An old friend came to visit and as soon as he saw my sculptures in the garage, he said, “Let’s put them in storage right now. They don’t belong in your house. They are weighing you down and they don’t reflect who you are now.” After a year and a half of first rejecting the idea then casually considering it, I finally decided to go for it. (In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can see my sculptures at

I started creating them thirty years ago and they represent growth and exploration from that time. I remember the conflicts, frustration, joy and epiphanies that are stored in their bronze DNA. They show what I accomplished years ago. I don’t want to ride on past accomplishments anymore. I don’t need to show new friends what I did. It’s like pointing to diplomas on the wall for credibility. I’m giving that up.

I realize that keeping them where I see them everyday prohibits my desire to create new art. Only when I started packing them up did I have ideas and inspirations for new pieces. Plans for a sculpture in my office and back porch started percolating.

As I bubble wrapped them, I kissed them good-bye. I filled a vase with cloth flowers to occupy the six inches of free space in the unit. Kind of like respect for their new digs. Instead of saying good-bye, I wished them Bon Voyage. Welcome to your new home and thank you for helping me grow!

9 Responses to “Making a Hard Decision”

  1. Annina Luck

    Powerful! I can learn from this too and want to wish you happy new creating :))

  2. Ali Mann Stevens

    I’ll always remember your beautiful sculptures around the Belvedere house. I was always so amazed at your work, even as a young girl.

  3. Barbara

    I remember hiding with Gladys in your basement surrounded by these pieces of you. the beauty and emotions that were stored in these pieces still capture my heart and mind.
    Putting them away with love and gratitude to make room for more is wonderful. There is so much more of Ellie to share with the world through your art.

    Have you ever thought of loaning any pieces to a library or another place where your art may inspire another? They are to beautiful to not share them! <3

    • Ellie Dolgin

      Thanks so much, Barbara. If I put them in a library, I couldn’t go there! They are on vacation for now. Thanks for your comments, as always.

  4. Donna

    Very hard to make changes. We all must move past certain stages into the next one. After 40 years, I’ve sold my condo and will be moving in 2 weeks. Very emotional journey leaving lots if memories behind. On to the next chapter ????


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