Chatting Over Sangria

In between sips of sangria, my friend asked, “What do you like best about Santa Fe?”

I expected myself to talk about the open sky and elegant mountains, friendly people and culture of inclusion, but without a moment’s hesitation I answered, “I found my voice here.” I shocked both my friend and myself with that answer.

When I first moved to Santa Fe, I was like a child realizing for the first time that people were listening to me.  They cared and stopped to listen.  I found myself opening up too much, from criticizing my qigong teacher for talking during our practice to giving my opinion to anyone who would listen, joining into conversations around me whether I was invited or not. I passionately commented on the topic of the moment whether we were talking about an impending thunder storm or an unusual blend for pizza or politics.  It would take time to modulate my voice and find a balance between chatting with everyone and keeping my opinions to myself. I had to learn when to participate in a conversation and when to stay silent.  It is a honed skill.  

While I am finding that balance, one thing is for sure…I like the sound of my own voice!  And, I like your voice, too!  Let me hear from you.

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