Disbelieving Reality

A friend called me with a problem. She had a physical ailment that, according to an article online, was irreversible. She was feeling hopeless. I reminded her that her research wasn’t conclusive.

She said, “I can’t disbelieve reality.”

“What you read is not necessarily reality,” I protested. “More things can be changed than we think.”

I believe that in addition to researching medical remedies surrounding a condition, we need to address the symbolic role that the malady plays in our lives. Both the medical and psychological/spiritual causes play a part in our healing. What themes keep coming up in different ways that push us toward re-evaluating our behavior and making adjustments? Maybe we can find that although the manifestations are different, the lessons needed to be learned stem from the same issue. When that is faced, we don’t need to suffer any more variations…we can make changes in our beliefs and behavior before another catastrophe develops.

Tell the Universe that you don’t need any more opportunities to change. You get it!

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