How to Age Crazy Cool

My mom is so cool! At 92-years-old she has defied all platitudes and expectations. An original thinker, she was always before her time. She meditated and did yoga before I barely even knew what it was and she had us doing yoga poses to clear up a cold. I even remember her jogging in place as she washed the dishes.

Mom takes responsibility for her mental and physical health. A few years ago when she was going to stay in a hotel for my daughter’s wedding I asked her if there was anything that she needed in the hotel. I was thinking of food or blankets. “Yes,” she said. “See if they have a recumbent bike in the gym!”

But this visit with her exceeded all past surprises. As I was driving and she was looking out the window, she took in all the storefronts with their artistic and functional appeal. After commenting on restaurants and shops that had changed, she blurted out, “Let’s get tattoos!”

A few weeks ago I wrote about how as adults we need to keep our child wonder and awe alive. I can see that her inner child is still rambunctious and speaking out and I’m so grateful for that!

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