A Spontaneous Joy

Yesterday we had a snowstorm. It snowed all day and night and piled up the most snow that we’ve had in a long time. This morning I ventured out to go to the chiropractor. Just as I thought! As I backed the car out of the garage it got stuck and wouldn’t go forward or backward.

I went into the garage and grabbed a shovel. I dug the snow from under the front and back wheels thinking that I would really need a chiropractor when the job was over. Just then the garbage truck pulled up. A man emptied the can and then came over to me and took the shovel. “The same thing happened to me this morning,” he said as he shoveled snow from under the car and much the driveway. “We got a lot last night!”

“Thank you so much!” I said. “My name is Ellie”, and I extended my hand.

“I’m Pablo,” he said as he took off his glove to shake hands. “You gave me a Christmas gift, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“I want to thank you for that,” he said as he cleared away the rest of the snow. “My family and I really appreciated it.”

“You are very welcome! I hope that you had a Merry Christmas,” I said. “And thank you so much again!”

He watched until I safely left the driveway, then he leaned the shovel against the wall and got into his truck. Sometimes a spontaneous interaction, a seemingly minor encounter, warms your heart. This was one of them.

3 Responses to “A Spontaneous Joy”

  1. Annina Luck Wildermuth

    So wonderful, magical and yes, heartwarming! Thank you. We’re expecting snow here too this afternoon.

  2. mom

    oh, how great.
    I often think that while we raise our children with skills to live in this huge world do we forget KINDNESS?
    One act of kindness makes a person’s day. they will walk around with a smile and pass that feeling on to all whom they meet–and perhaps make a new friend to boot. much love, dear Mom


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