Fall Awakening

Yellow leaves 1It is a gray and rainy day. I light the first fire of the season in my fireplace. Cloaked in a rain parka, I walk to my mailbox. I continue walking. The leaves are magnificent, fiery red and yellow, damp and glistening. I walk to the dock (a perk of living on Long Island) and gently make my way to the end, causing a flock of ducks at the end to jump into the water.

I love every moment. The slippery, wet leaves under foot, raindrops falling on the water, humidity that makes my hair frizz. I am bursting with love, for my house, my neighbors, my friends, my yoga teachers, the kind man at the post office.

In the midst of researching Santa Fe and what it would be like to live there, my senses are heightened. The more enticing New Mexico becomes, the more I am aware of loving things about where I live. This is what I understand. In the preparation to release something comes the love and appreciation of it. These feelings are not making me want to stay. They are making me understand that I can love more than one place. In fact, being open to the possibility of moving opens up my appreciation of what I have. In wanting to release it, I am more fully experiencing being here. Love begets love. It is expansive and infinite. It is fertile ground for joy.

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  1. nancy bernstein

    I also notice how beautiful a place is right before moving. I also walk in my neighborhood with such love and deep appreciation for every tiny part. The trees, birds, neighbors, a nice asian father with his daughter walking, ladies chattering in spanish about their children in the laundromat, a muslim girl, central american, polish, hipsters, old jewish man in his hardware store that seems 100 years old, talking to maria down the block, she lived here 78 years from puerto rico, the smells, woodsmoke and cooking


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