Prepare for Aging

584While visiting my mother this week, I began to think about aging. It’s pretty obvious that people become more entrenched in their ways as they get older. You’re crazy if you think that someone in their eighties is going to evaluate their MO and start doing things differently. I asked myself how I can be pro-active to set in motion the quality of life that I want to enjoy now, as well as in the future.

Beliefs and attitudes contribute to our physical and mental health. Thoughts about money, body, self-worth and personal power play an important role in the quality of life at any age. What beliefs do I want to nourish to support my peace of mind? What qualities do I want to cultivate now that will serve as companions as I age?

Here are some ideas:

Always learn.

Keep wonder and curiosity alive.

Listen, choose change, be able to adapt to changes that I didn’t choose.

Maintain a balance between cardio, weight, and meditative forms of exercise (such as qigong)

Honor other people’s choices, and know that I am free to make my own.

Know that everyone has the power to focus energy and attract life experiences.

Cherish, forgive, appreciate, laugh.

Be the innocence and authenticity of children.

Have a respectful, kind, considerate relationship with myself and others.

Value my experiences and wisdom that I have gained from them.


How about you?  I’d love to hear your ideas.

2 Responses to “Prepare for Aging”

  1. Jeni Fujita

    If I reflect upon my life thus far, I am CONFIDENT to say, the Universe is FRIENDLY and has ALWAYS ALWAYS looked out for my best interest. All of my experiences would prove that. So when something arises that looks or appears to be “wrong” in my life, I can assume that this TOO is here to serve my best interest. I am not always able to see how, but I practice imagining that it is. It sometimes feels like a “fake it till you make it” moment, but it definitely feels much better than freaking out over a vision of something awful. Something awful just simple can NOT happen to me. This is my story and I’m sticking to it. This doesn’t mean that I allow abusive situations to walk all over me. My awareness is keen. When something feels off, I am the first to move in the other direction. But when that unforeseen thing pops up and I am in a position of accepting or fighting against it, I choose surrender. I choose to be proactive in each moment, to choose kindness, communication, and to choose to see everyone as innocent. I notice everything ALWAYS works itself out. As my friend Ben once said to me as I was freaking out about my body, “You’re just not that important.” It was like he woke me up out of my ego. My ego would like to think I can control things and my spirit would say, “Sit back and make choices that are from your higher aware self and all will fall into place.” “I”, my ego, is just not that important. The universe is always serving my best interest. I am taken care of, and there’s nothing I can do about that!

    • EllieD

      Jeni, I am so inspired by your attitude and determination to keep yourself positive. You are a brilliant creator! Thank you!


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