Babysitting the Grandkids…grand kids!

photo(16)Could there be any greater joy than babysitting for my two young grandchildren for a few days? I jump at the opportunity, and by the end of the first day it all comes back to me.

Ahhhh, the good old days eating dinner out of a pot standing up with one child covered in banana and the other dressed in a princess gown sticking her fingers in peanut butter, every toy in the house out of place, vegetables strewn all over the kitchen and put back in the refrig uncooked for another day.

Changing poopie diaper on the den floor, dancing in the kitchen, snuggling at book time, comforting at boo-boo time. Riding on a bus made out of couch cushions, being cajoled into giving a snack that her parents wouldn’t allow, running after a renegade toddler at nap time, reading books over and over and over again.

One child crawling around the house without pants, the other missing a top. My hands smelling of spit-up and puréed squash, my hair clipped back with a barrette reminiscent of being a twelve -year-old.

Carrying two kids down the stairs, thanking my trainer at each step. Who can resist the plea for “uppie” from a child whose eyes make up half of her face?

Luckily it was a two-nap day…for me!

Evening time, baby peacefully asleep in crib and toddler bathed and in her pjs ready for quiet time and books, Daddy comes home to enjoy the last fifteen minutes of the day.

It’s all coming back to me. Did it really happen this way? Yes, and I loved every messy minute of it!

D’ya know what I mean? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

4 Responses to “Babysitting the Grandkids…grand kids!”

  1. Barbara Hinz

    I love how the memories of these moments, now that the time distances us for the exhaustion of the daily non-stop make us smile with joy and pure love.
    I love when I can spend time with my grandkids, allow them to do the things that mom or dad wouldn’t and we share a special look and smile that says YES WE CAN! I love creating memories for us to have that will last a lifetime.
    It is such an honor to be “Mama”, the name we called my mother’s mom, then my mother was Mama to my children and now I hold the title of Mama once again. So much love, joy and continuity of family in four little letters!

    • EllieD

      They will cherish the memories that you are creating, too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Joanne Schenendorf

    Ellie, You’ve captured it so perfectly!! My twin grandsons turned 3 yesterday. I was in Disney with them ( and their parents of course) last week. Every time they grab my hand to pull me to play and say ‘Come oooon Gramma”, my heart is so full!! I am grateful for every minute with them.

    • EllieD

      Joanne, I can feel your excitement! What a special time you had together with those little munchkins!


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