Why This? Why Now?

Why the corona virus? Why now? Why is the entirety of humankind stopped in its tracks? What are we each supposed to do to value this moment in history? This is no doubt a pivotal time on our planet…humanity evolving out of old ways of living primed for transformation. Governing and economic paradigms, cultural conditioning, what humanity values, forms of energy needed for life are all coming into question. But what does it mean to our personal growth and survival?

This week I turned to Molly McCord’s weekly intuitive astrology reading to help me understand the changes on a planetary basis. She talks about what is coming and how to prepare. I hope that her thoughts are a source of guidance and a fresh perspective on how to navigate this time for you. Here are some snippets from her reading:

Your soul is always with you. It wants you to feel safe. You must choose to know it. There is a part of us that is calling back energy into ourselves to integrate and re-align and now we have the time to adjust to the bigger picture. Old energetic systems are toppling and unwinding. New technologies that humans have not known are arriving to help us with replenishment and new solutions. This week there is the potential to call forward our gifts based on who we are on a soul level.

In the next six weeks we will be energetically completing what has been happening in the last two years. Forgiveness, surrender, transmutation. First try to work things out in a way that makes sense to you then surrender to things that are out of your control. Do not make big financial decisions or try a new look in your appearance now. From the end of June until January 2021 will be an active time. We need to rest now and have down-time. Find your inner calm now. We are in a turnover and preparatory phase that is not showing up physically yet. It happens energetically first. Don’t judge yourself now. Make changes that give you a sense of power and control over your life. Stay steady in what you know is true for your realigned value structure.

We are meant to keep going and we are supported.

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