Get Unplugged

Every time I go to New York I am shocked by the amount of people attached to cellular devices. Race-walking down the street, emerging from the bathroom in a restaurant, waiting on the platform for a subway, walking their children to school, purchasing food at a fruit stand, stepping onto the street at a crosswalk – everyone is somewhere else on a very important call or text. When they are with the person who they are texting, do they text the person who they are ignoring now? It is baffling to me.

I decided to do a brief survey. Out of the next ten people walking toward me, I counted how many had those strange white sticks coming out of their ears or were somehow attached to a cell phone. Guess what I found? Nine out of ten people walking toward me were attached…not present…somewhere else. How do the people around them feel? Have they given up the hope for human conversation and connection? Do they expect to walk next to someone who is engaged with someone else? Do they accept loneliness as the norm? Not me! I still hope that we can get back to preserving our five (and sixth) senses that give us valuable information and guidance.  I remember what it feels like to be in the presence of a friend who cares to listen to me. Think about that the next time that you have a choice to answer a text while you are with someone else.

As always, this is just my opinion.

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  1. Julie

    I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time let alone walk and talk or text on my cell phone at the same time. Lol ????

  2. Barbara

    As you know Ellie, I drive a school bus. It makes me sad to see parents either in the morning or afternoon, on their phone or texting and not even glancing up and making contact with their child. they don’t even acknowledge me who has taken care of their child.
    Then on the other hand I welcome the parents that are present for their child,who open their arms and with a big smile give love freely and joyfully to them. Oh how I love to see the love from these families!

  3. Anne Sweeney

    Oh my goodness, Ellie, this is so powerfully true. You’ve expressed it so clearly here. Thank you! I have only recently, in the last month or so, allowed myself to leave my cellphone well out of reach (like on another floor) while I am doing other things that require my full attention. I’ll check it in a few hours, and then it makes me smile to see that the world did not fall apart without me 🙂
    We also just unplugged from our satellite tv, and I have officially retired from my photography business, and from the volunteer portion of my work on Public Television, which was a huge portion of my life for 25 years. So what do I do with my time now? So so much! Now I can focus once again on my music webcast, which is the same format I did many years ago as “Nightscapes”, but now I call it “SpiritWords”, music to lift your spirits and lower your stress. Thank you for this truly clear, very wise post about being present, being where your feet are, focusing. This is one that I will print out and hang up to read every day.


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