Shaken Into Wakefulness

Last week I participated in an intense qigong workshop, doing slow movements like in tai chi, studying the forms that precede and accompany the changing seasons. There was an emphasis on the physical and spiritual aspects of the forms, feeling them in my body and soul. Practicing in community deepened their meaning as I struggled to absorb it all.

My teacher said many brilliant things and here is one. In healing you must forget the injury, whether physical or psychological.  Move past sorrow, injury and remorse into accountability. Face remorse and cleanse it by moving into a connection to a higher power. We need to leap over toxicity and connect to mythological powers that are in existence all of the time.

I believe that attaching to the injury keeps it alive. Remember what it meant to you and how it changed you, but release identification with it and don’t allow it to constantly inform who you are now and will be in the future. 

This week was truly transformative.  One morning about halfway through the week I woke up and, when looking in the mirror, I noticed that my face had changed. I was startled. I put on my glasses and saw that it was indeed different. Did my face really change or did the person looking through my eyes change? I couldn’t answer that. Either way I was astounded and gratified.

Working hard at something that feels real and toward the goodness that exists deep within is energizing. I came home every night and took a bath in Epsom salts to soothe my aching muscles and overactive mind. I was pushed way past my comfort zone. Do you know what I mean? Have you ever felt energized by being jostled out of your familiar way of thinking? I’d love to hear about it.

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  1. Nancy

    I tend to not recognize my self in a mirror after a string of days camping and outdoors. 🙂


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