Sculptures Moving Up

IMG_2118As I write this, I hear hammering and music blasting from a radio, sawdust suspended in the air and 2 X 4’s crudely stacked on the garage floor.

What is happening? My sculptures are getting a new home. Formerly stuffed away in an unfinished section of the basement with a concrete floor, dangling wires and exposed insulation, my sculptures took a back seat. When I moved into this house, I told my bronze sculptures that I loved them but that they had to move aside and leave space for new work to emerge without the influence of the past.

New work did emerge. Colorful creatures came forth that could have been picked off of a vine or fished out of the ocean. I did a playful dance with nature and color. Free associations merged plant and animal forms bursting with attitude and personality. These new sculptures were part plant, part animal and part pure imagination.

But now as I embrace and honor all aspects of myself, I want my sculptures to have a fresh, clean, new home…a gallery where past and present equally share in the evolving picture of me. It’s their time to be in the light, to tell all of who they are, and to take their cherished place in my heart and my home.

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