Giving It Up

IMG_1545I used to think that I needed a job title after my name that stated my purpose, my contribution to the world…Ellie Dolgin, SCULPTOR or Ellie Dolgin, WRITER, so that everyone, including me, would know my importance. One word neatly tucked in my back pocket stating that I am a creative, right-brain thinker immersed in clay or filling up a blank sheet of paper.

Not anymore! I reject titles! I defy description! A title is confining and does not describe my value. That’s what I do, not who I am. And, that can change form in any moment. I am an artist at heart. Whether making a sculpture or writing a story, painting or posting a blog, it all comes from the same place. Creativity percolates inside me and bursts forth in steamy artistic expression. Even cooking a meal or finding a solution to a problem are fueled by the energy of creation.

I consider all of my sculptures and writing self-portraits because they originate in my thoughts and feelings. The finished products may look different, but they all express my unique perspective and growth. Tangible or in thought form, they come from creative energy that cannot to be confined. Limitless, abundant creative energy!

What title could go after my name? Liver of life? A person who sees and who contemplates? Someone whose thoughts may arouse awareness in others? Above all, I hope for this: a courageous soul who seeks simplicity and truth.

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