Energy Matters

Combine traveling for two weeks with not eating or sleeping well and emotional stress and it happened…I got a cold. Fever, cough, sneezing…the works. In my hours of drinking hot water with lemon and honey what I noticed most was how low my energy was. Every time I passed a couch I had to lay down. That is not like me! I am usually full of energy and able to multitask and focus with no effort. But what did I do today? I spent the extra hour sitting in a chair and staring at a painting on the wall in my office.

Energy matters! It cannot be taken for granted that it will always be the same. It reflects our physical and emotional state and is constantly changing. It is a good system to reflect back to us how we truly feel. Not the frenetic energy of a pumped ego or an adrenaline rush, but the honest energy that is fed by being true to our inner nature. I once went to a Chinese doctor who said that through acupuncture he was going to restore my energy. I answered that I didn’t need that because I had lots of energy. He responded that what I had was false but by stimulating the appropriate organs he could encourage true energy. I now understand better what he said. This pause has given me a chance to look at my pace, appreciate it and know that energy is a changing phenomenon.

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