Children Sleeping Soundly

photo-17My son, daughter-in-law, and two toddler grandchildren came to visit me for a few days.  I was so excited for them to come.  I prepared food, books, bubbles, and researched museums and activities that were child-friendly.  I moved all of my breakable sculptures to a high shelf and bought fruit so we could make apple-plum sauce together.

The first night that they were here I couldn’t sleep.  I laid in bed listening to my three-and-a-half year old granddaughter breathe as she slept on an inflatable mattress next to my bed.  I thought of how comfortable and safe she must have felt to be able to sleep soundly in a new house.  She trusted that she would be taken care of.  After watching them interact as a family I understood why she slept so soundly.  Her parents are attentive yet firm. They teach and nurture in the most creative ways, listening to the childrens’ needs yet making sure that they are responsible for how they behave.  When we were at a restaurant for lunch and my one-and-a-half year old grandson was upset that he didn’t have a bracelet like his sister did, my son put a hole in a tortilla and made a bracelet for him.  He was thrilled, and I was agape at my son’s resourcefulness!

These children are learning respect, compassion, accountability, awareness of others, love of learning and adventure, socialization (or as my granddaughter puts it, “teamwork and collaboration”), and trust. With a gleam in their eyes and a devilish laugh, they love to test their parents and their resolve.  Every night since the day that they were born, their parents say a prayer to them before going to bed.  It is the last thing that the children hear before falling asleep.  It is about how much they are loved and treasured, and how special they are.   Love is beaming from their parents…it is palpable.  No wonder they sleep soundly!  This must be a recipe for raising conscious children with a strong, healthy sense of themselves.



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  1. Anne Sweeney

    Wow, this is beautiful, Ellie! I’d love to see them write a book, magazine column or blog about
    “conscious parenting”. I thank them for the wonderful job they are doing, for the compassionate and creative souls they have brought into our world. Congratulations to you and to your own mother for being such amazing mothers! You are now reaping a truly golden harvest 🙂


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