Cafe Gratitude

IMG_1187My favorite restaurant in Berkeley, CA is Café Gratitude. In addition to serving organic, locally grown products, their mission is “a celebration of aliveness and abundance to honor the earth and ourselves”. The atmosphere is earthy…no television, no loud music…just a warm, cozy fire and simple furniture.

The names of the dishes are really fun, and I wonder whether the name or the actual food influences me more.  Which affirmations do I want to hear today?  Would I rather have I Am Fulfilled salad or I Am Comforted macaroni and cheese, zucchini noodles and cashews?   I Am Nourished almond pate on apple curry bread or I Am Grounded garlic roasted potatoes and cashew nacho cheese?  If you aren’t used to these foods, you might think that they should be renamed I Am Challenged, I Am Grossed Out, or I Am Outa Here.  Not me, I jump in wholeheartedly.  While I Am Adventurous live soup puts your true adventurous spirit to the test, I Am Transformed corn tacos, brown rice, black beans, salsa, and guacamole and nacho cheese wins for me.

The best part is that when the waiter places the food in front of you, he changes the names, saying You Are Fulfilled, You Are Fortified, and You Are Warm-Hearted.  I was tempted to order the I Am Cool milkshake just to hear him say You Are Cool.

Other names are I Am Dazzling, Pure, Complete, Nourished, Giving, Accepting, Vibrant, Trusting, Whole, Inspired, Glorious, Humble and, of course, Loved. The desserts keep the good feelings going with I Am Irresistible, Bliss and Mystical. I visit Café Gratitude every time I am in the area. I eat it up! It nourishes my body, mind and soul. I can never get enough of being told You Are Cherished, even though I sneak a little I Am Magnificent on the side.

6 Responses to “Cafe Gratitude”

  1. annina

    I love this post. It’s absolutely true for me that what I say, I become. What a great café.

  2. Barbara Hinz

    I heard about The Gratitude Cafe years ago and it is on my list of places to go. You have inspired me to buy a plane ticket.
    Thank you for reminding me to re-name the foods I cook and create to powerful affirmations. How nourishing is that!


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