With a caring, yet bold, approach, Ellie Dolgin creates sensual and vibrant bronze sculptures that celebrate the human body and explore interpersonal relationships. Her work encompasses a variety of themes, including the graceful language of dancers and the innocence of children. Each piece is a unique expression of the human spirit. Whether it is a quiet moment between dancers, or the gritty intensity of a woman reaching toward the earth, there is a moment for Ellie when each sculpture seems to come alive. In that moment, Ellie herself feels the coolness of a drip of water as it falls onto the clay, or the sensation of figures touching each other.

Her attention to the spirit within is also revealed in her one-of-a-kind ceramic sculptures and water fountains which embody the delicacy of falling leaves, clarity of flowing water, and grainy texture of rocks. The personality of each piece emerges like a rose opening to reveal the fullness of its beauty.

For questions or comments about her bronze and ceramic sculptures, please contact Ellie.