What Is Priority Pandemonium?

You are so busy!  Everything is number one on your to do list.  There isn’t enough time to get half of your list done.  Out of time, depleted, frazzled, darting around from one project to another like a road runner on triple espresso, not getting anything done with precision or attention.  Does this sound like you?  You may be suffering from priority pandemonium.  Don’t bother checking it out on Google.  I just made it up, and it means overwhelming noise and uproar resulting from not prioritizing.

Prioritizing is a honed skill designed to save us from ourselves. We can truly only do one thing in a particular moment, even if we rush from one thing to another and back again. Economic use of our energy is good for us and everyone around us, and adhering to priorities is an invaluable tool when using our personal resources.

We all have different needs and perceived demands, so what we place at the top of the list will differ from person to person, and from time to time.

We can get bogged down when we think that everything has the same urgency.  Set up a list of priorities and know which ones can be left behind.  They really are not the same in importance.  Give yourself a break.  Leave some things undone.  It’s healthy and can feel good if you put your health at the top of the list.

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