The Age of Aquarius

Astrologers tell us that we have ended the Piscean age and are transitioning into the Age of Aquarius. In simple terms, what does that mean? I don’t know what all of the ramifications are, but a few ideas are clear. The veneer of icons and institutions that were perceived as unshakable are crumbling before our very eyes. We are finding out that some spiritual leaders live not-so-moral lives (or even worse – amoral lives). Government, religious, community and social leaders, media moguls, doctors and lawyers are all subject to a greater scrutiny that often reveals the darker side of being human. They are fallible and are subject to grave acts of misjudgment.

It is devastating to find out that your guru is not saintly, but is responsible for abhorrent behavior. That the one whose lessons you passionately devoured in hopes of evolving into a better and more enlightened person has come down many rungs on the ladder. You cannot look up to him/her anymore. How do you find a place for yourself in the light of tried and true institutions losing power and becoming irrelevant? Who are you if your supports lay in ruins?

I believe this will eventually be remembered as a turning point in your life – a time when you more precisely scrutinized your teachers and guides. It might make you keener when going the doctor. Instead of asking the doctor to give you a pill to make your pain or malady go away, you might take some responsibility and ask how you can participate in your healing. (Of course I am not talking about the corona virus here.) If the institution that deteriorates is a spiritual pillar, maybe you will realize that some lessons learned have been meaningful to you and they are yours to keep while choosing to reject the rest. Be discerning, be kind to yourself, be honest about how devastating and disorienting the loss of stability feels, and give yourself time to adjust. The huge lessons that we are facing now take time to digest before we can reorient, but we will reorient and move forward within an ever-changing landscape.

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