Thanksgiving and Family

IMG_0120As this Thanksgiving weekend comes to an end, I am stuffed…with appreciation for my family. We spent three days together at my sister’s rural home in Pennsylvania, preparing food, sharing stories, playing games and washing endless dishes. From my coveted inflatable mattress on the floor, I cuddled with my grandchildren at sunrise and sipped hot apple cider as the days came to an end.

This year more than ever, it was a holiday of inclusion and acceptance, as the family had the opportunity to show generosity and kindness to strangers. With warmth and ease, new friends were welcomed and included, given a dish towel and a job.

But, it was tumultuous! People and dogs were everywhere. A new generation of children let their voices be heard. Annoyances flared and dissipated, making it clear that caring for each other’s feelings mattered more than being right. Maybe we have learned to love and respect each other even when we disagree. New ideas, differing opinions and changing relationships make up the tapestry of family…a patchwork quilt of past and present that somehow fits together and keeps us warm.

In addition to my family, I appreciate all of you. Thank you for listening and questioning along with me.

How was your holiday?

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