New Holiday Celebration

Candles on Holiday TableIt was holiday time and the family was scattered. No one was available to celebrate. I was feeling lonely and secluded. Would the day pass in boring apathy without acknowledgement or celebration?

No! I was not going to allow feelings of loneliness govern my actions. I decided to create a unique tradition. After a trip to the market, I cooked a delicious dinner, from hors d-oeuvres to marinated brisket (the day before) to roasted vegetables to home-made cake. The table was graced with candles, a vase of colorful flowers, and there was a robust fire in the fireplace. I was feeling great!

I wanted to enjoy this evolving spectacle with someone. Feeling playful and courageous, I set five additional place settings, and put a note on each mat: “Welcome, My Beautiful Spirit Guides”. A bowl of apples, oranges, bananas and strawberries served as an offering to my guests who didn’t eat food (I was having so much fun with this!). I invited these Spirit Guides, also called Inner Intuition or Aspects of Myself or Collective Consciousness (the words don’t matter) to join me. The first toast was for my honored guests. I welcomed them and thanked them for always supporting me. I expressed appreciation for the beautiful ambiance…warm, crackling fire, sumptuous food lovingly prepared and Chinese flute music.

As I enjoyed my unconventional celebration and all of the symbolism that I infused it with, I became aware of how rarely we prepare a delicious meal for ourselves and invite parts of ourselves to show up as honored guests. Even though family celebrations and traditions can be satisfying and nourishing, it is equally delightful to prepare a special meal just for yourself and the spiritual aspects of you.

Some people would say, “I wouldn’t cook just for myself.” And I ask, Why not? Why don’t we make the effort to be kind and generous to ourselves? Why is it okay to set a lovely table for others but not for ourselves? And, why do we pass up the opportunity to sit quietly and enjoy abundance in whatever form it takes?

At the end of the evening, I felt full and connected, satiated and whole. I was grateful that I had seized the opportunity to honor my light and energy. A shift from my beliefs about holidays and generosity allowed me to create a fun and playful experience that had me laughing the whole night.

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